Once you’ve completed your audio recording, the next step is to film your song by lip-syncing on location. A collage from each song will be put together and uploaded on to YouTube.

Preparation for video shoots is very important, as filming time is at a premium. Use the following as a checklist in preparation for your video session:

  1. Have a collection of well thought-out outfits (including accessories).
  2. Practice your make-up before the day and arrive with it on. It is very easy for the skin to become shiny, so make sure you have plenty of powder* for reapplying during the day.
    * Recommended product: Ben Nye’s “Neutral Set” finishing powder.
  3. Hair. Practice variations in styles and come ready with your first look.
  4. Work on your choreography – especially if you find improvisation difficult. Pay special attention to your eyes and where they are focused, as they will be selling the story.
  5. Practice lip-syncing to your song – getting length and timing of words as close to the original as possible.
  6. There may be times of waiting so bring something to occupy yourself, with plenty of water and food for the day.

Once you have done all you can to prepare, enjoy the experience.