Speech/Cry Transition

This CD is available for male or female voice and has 17 various vocal exercises designed to strength the voice and its transition between the two vocal sets, speech and cry. It starts off with breathing, sirening and mirening to warm the voice up gently within the whole register, followed by a progression of technical exercises specifically written to concentrate on developing the voice for contemporary singing. By strengthening the diaphragm, vocal support and the switch between set-ups, vocal agility, intonation, and tone quality is increased.

Additional exercises include the pentatonic scale for increasing rhythmic speed used for R&B & the jazz scale; both of which help in the development of improvisation. Two-octave scales and arpeggios as well as vocal agility training are also included for the more advanced voice.

Be advised: it is important to work within personal limits. It is prudent to get professional training in development of the voice to insure a healthy technical progression.

NOTE: Each download comes complete with CD disc & cover artwork, written instructions and sample notations.


Here’s a few samples of the 18 tracks available on both the Male and the Female voice CDs. Tracks marked with (M) are from the Male Vocal set; Tracks marked with (F) are from the Female Vocal set.