“As It Is” has a reggae influence that comes with the UK band “Roads” featured in this EP. Full of funky grooves, bass riffs and upbeat rhythms, the very catchy tunes are sure to get everyone moving.

“Our Father”, “Only You”, “Really Love You Lord” and “Your Love” can either be sung as performance songs or new style praise songs while “You Are My God” is truly an old style chorus and great for worship.

“Let Your Light Shine” Is a prayer where each verse may be sung by a different singer male, female or ensemble. The chorus would be great for a choir and feel free to ad lib and develop the ending. This is more of a performance song, or something that can be sung as an item piece.

This album is available for download, by its self or as a multimedia resource e-book or as single song resource packages if you only wish to purchase one or two songs. Hard copy multimedia books are now available for purchase.

The full resource package comes with:

    • 2 Discs
      • Full Mix Album
      • Harmony Rehearsal and Backing Track Disc
    • Resource Book which includes:
      • Notated vocal scores for each song
      • Chord Chart with lyrics for each song
      • Additional Tips on the songs and performance techniques
    • Covers and disc label artwork