The following resources are made available merely as a starting guide for vocal health and techniques. It is recommended that any serious training be undertaken with the supervision of a knowledgeable instructor or coach. Available below is a small list of resources that can help enhance skill and increase knowledge.

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Good posture allows the breath to be unrestricted; it also enhances vocal quality and confidence.

Correct breathing raises the level of fitness in the body, aids diaphragm control, gives focus, prepares, relaxes, and conserves the oxygen in the air that is breathed for longer sustained notes.

Anchoring is used to support the voice.

  • SCM muscles and Body for high energy singing especially in belt.
  • Back of neck muscles for tilted thyroid.
  • Facial for extra resonance and forward placement.

For healthy phonation, retracting the false vocal folds is imperative. Don’t be discouraged if there are no immediate results, as it takes time.

It is important to give the body the best possible start for healthy singing. Given are some essential elements to take into consideration when training the voice, it’s up to the individual for maintenance and care and to know the bodies limits. If there is no reaction to dairy, then there is no need for abstinence. For caffeine lovers, don’t abstain on days when you’re not using your voice energetically. Be aware of food intolerances, as each individual will have different reactions.

Great tips for the stage performer who uses audio equipment.

Tips to try within songs to produce variation and add interest to the vocal line.

Your “go-to” essential information on how to develop and work vocal transitions.

These CDs are designed to develop various aspects of the singer’s technique.

Other Resources

Kayes, G. “Singing and the Actor” London, A&C Black Publishers Limited, ©2004
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Also available from Amazon  Australia | USA | Canada | France | Japan | Germany

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