Singing Lessons

Students of all standards are welcome. No matter what level, professional or true beginner, improvement is inevitable. Classes will help those who lack confidence and provide stimulus and challenge for the more advanced.

These lessons are fun and informal; and depending on your needs, may vary from singing chosen songs for self-development to working towards showcases, musicals, recording studios and grades. Rockschool exams are highly recommended as they produce the best results for improvement. In addition, students are encouraged to learn theory and a second instrument — such as Piano, Guitar, or Ukulele.

Student showcases are great for gaining confidence with the filmed performance ideal for self-evaluation. The developing artist can also opt to record their songs and make their first music video.

Each lesson is tailor-made for the individual, which is split up into five sections, Vocal Function, Aural Training, Song Selection, and Performance.

  1. Understanding of Vocal Function is a key element for developing healthy phonation. Learn up-to-date vocal techniques for the contemporary voice through specific exercises. Strengthen weak vocal areas by identifying and isolating muscle groups. Learn to use these muscle groups correctly to produce the desired sound and master control of your own voice.
  2. Aural Training develops the ear for pitch accuracy. Learn how to sing intervals unaccompanied, and be able to sing a song without shifting to different keys unintentionally.
  3. Specific Song Selection is created for working on different elements of the voice. These songs are used as exercises, concentrating on one aspect of vocal technique at a time. Once mastered, more advanced songs can be chosen to combine these techniques for further development.
  4. Theory is always recommended as understanding music creates a better singer. Apart form notation, keys, and time signatures, learn how to follow a song using a score, know what a chord sequence is, how songs are structured, and develop basic keyboard skills in support of your studies.
  5. Work towards an audition, musical Performance or video presentation. Learn how to look professional and confident, being comfortable in your own body, singing to the best of your ability.

Additional Vocal Tips

Visit the Performer Resources page for downloads of various vocal information sheets. Harmony in Worship albums are also designed to be used as educational tools with immediate results for harmony recognition, development, and performance. Check out the music resource page or the resource sample page for more info.