Harmony In Worship

Harmony in Worship was established by Colleen Bleazard in 2005. It is a Sydney (Australia) based company drawing from individuals in the local area as well as from other parts of the world who are dedicated to the performing arts. It has offered many services through the years, and continues to make its music and print resources available through Vocal Tuition.

Past Services

If you need entertainment for your event or ministry, you’ve come to the right place. Have a look below to see how we can partner with you.


For a worthy cause, HiW will come and perform live so that you can put the money towards your chosen charity.


Background/Atmosphere music for dinners, banquets, fundraisers, intermissions…you name it, they’ll do it!

Event Performances

If you are putting on an event and would like something a little more unusual, HiW Vocal Group may be what you are looking for.


Interviews and live performance for promotion and fundraising.


  • Music Festivals
  • Assemblies

We are available for portions of or entire worship services and masses. Have a look below.

Church Items

Fitting in with the word of the day, HiW can draw on many songs for reflection. If they don’t have one suitable, one can be written.

Music for Mass

Leading portions of music during services.

Worship Leading

If you are in occasional need of a worship team, or would like to have a different flavour for a special service, we can provide entire worship sets, or work with your team to enhance the service.

Looking for a group to sing at your wedding or funeral? We may be able to help. We can provide solo or ensemble singers depending on your needs. Accompaniment is usually provided by the performers via acoustic guitar and/or piano.

We have a catalogue of songs that are ready to go in a short time. If you have a specific song you wish to have performed, we can work with you. For a current listing of available songs, please contact us.

Fees vary upon the requests for the group. If you desire a song from the catalogue, it will be less expensive. A special request will cost a little more since that would mean extra rehearsal time to make sure the new song is learnt and ready for performance.

Including filming and creation for presentation, broadcast, and online (such as YouTube™ channels or website embedding). We are available to video almost anything that suits your needs, including:

  • Wedding packages
  • Special Events
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Live Performances/Concerts

Listed are some examples of kinds of videos we’ve made.

Church Promotions
Online Courses
Student Showcases