The third installment in the HiW album library is all new songs primarily written in a dance/remix style using electronic and acoustic sounds. Advanced harmonic lines interweave with each other and blend using tight, “crunchy” harmonies often found in complex jazz/R&B arrangements. This album is vocally suited for the female range, however most male voices may be able to perform them as well with a little adjustment.

As the primary vocalist, Colleen (singer, songwriter, CEO of HiW) was able to utilise her natural bent toward folk/pop style singing throughout the album, whilst underlying the vocals with a completely different genre of music. The mix gives a unique and energetic feel to the music as there are elements that will appeal to many generations.

In addition to a small, core ensemble, there are two guest performers on this album. In the track “Is Love”, Kezia Kynaston makes her debut recording at the age of 15. The second performer, Spiridon Gerardos gives an urban feel to the track “Your Eternity” in a duet rap section shared with Colleen.

All songs are written as performance pieces, rather than for corporate worship sessions. Some tracks lend themselves well to larger ensemble/choir performances.