Vocal Workshops

What to Expect

Vocal workshops are a great way to get to know your voice in a group setting. Learning with other voices can aid your personal progression and understanding of vocal function.

Each workshop is a 2-hour session and will be carried out in four sections: vocal technique, warm-up routine, understanding music/understanding technology, & song development. This is a rough guide, and may be adapted based on the students’ prior knowledge. Songs must be reviewed before attending the session; the list can be downloaded by clicking the relevant workshop overview below. You will receive a link to relevant songs upon registration.

Please do what you can to come physically prepared for the sessions. It is suggested to come hydrated (and bring a bottle of water as well), get sufficient rest, and avoid overly-sugary, caffienated, or dairy beverages.

Workshop Topics

Here is a list of current topics we provide. Click on the title that you wish to see an overview of content. Songs listed within the overview can, and may, be changed depending upon needs and current music available. Classes are listed in order of skill requirement. Techniques covered in earlier workshops must have some level of mastery before proceeding with later workshops in the list.

  1. Anatomy & Physiology of the Larynx
  2. Fundamental Basics for Vocal Support
  3. Forward Placement, Medialisation, & Phonetics
  4. Vocal Sets
  5. Twang & Belt in More Detail

Terms & Conditions

48 hours cancellation must be given by phone – followed by an e-mail (not text/SMS), otherwise you will forfeit the fees for that workshop. An alternative booking can be made with sufficient warning. There is exemption from any liability.

48 hours cancellation of the entire workshop series must be given before commencement by phone – followed by an e-mail (not text/SMS), for a 50% refund. All other cancellations (due to illness, emergency, etc.) receive no refund. There is exemption from any liability.