Piano, Guitar, & Ukulele

Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele lessons are also on offer; this can be combined within a vocal lesson, or as a separate subject.

Basic Piano Skills are beneficial for understanding music. For both each instrument, learn how to play chords to accompany yourself if you like to sing, work towards being in a band, or even write your own song. Early grades in the Rockschool system are also on offer if you desire a more intensive study.

The lessons are informal, fun, and tailor-made for the individual. There are five sections to work on, Technical Exercises, Aural Training, repertoire, Theory, and performance.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels
  1. Technical Exercises will consist of chord progressions, scales, and melodies; strumming and/or rhythm patterns; finger picking and/or arpeggios; then working towards using both hands at the same time.
  2. Aural Training develops the ear for timing and rhythm, chord and melody recognition, plus improvisation using the pentatonic scale. Learn how to play a song without reading music.
  3. Build up a Repertoire of music. This is a fun way to practice chord progressions riffs and timing by playing along to your favorite song or artist.
  4. Theory is always recommended as understanding and reading music creates a better musician. Apart from notation, keys, and time signatures, Learn music terminology, song structure, and composition. Learn about your instrument and how to use equipment.
  5. Work toward an audition, band Performance, exam or video presentation. Learn how to look professional and confident, being comfortable with your presentation and skill of your instrument. Work towards a Student showcase; this is great for gaining confidence with the filmed performance ideal for self-evaluation. The developing artist can also record their songs at Queens Road Studio and make their first music video at Green Key Studio.