“The Gospel of Peace” double album is a wonderful mix of interweaving melodies, countermelodies and harmonies, placed on a bed of contemporary pads, electric guitars, strings and piano sounds within the inspirational, rock, and pop genres.

Harmony in Worship has branched out with this album by including not only some original works by Colleen Bleazard and Dominique Farah, but also well known covers such as “Here I am Lord” by Dan Schutte, “One Bread, One Body” by John Foley, and many more.

The second CD of the double album is called “Reflections” which can be used for meditation. Here the vocals are removed so that the full effect of the music can be enjoyed as an independent piece with its own interweaving melodic lines.

“The Gospel of Peace” is a great double album to sing along to, or to relax with and enjoy. In whatever context you choose, the ultimate glory will be to God, our loving Saviour and rescuer in worship to Him.